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Sidebar nonsense

As work commitments and other conflicts have prevented a recent show taping, we tried hard today to find a time to all come together for a fully staffed show. The below is the nonsense that took place. For background, Dietz is a Brewers fan (die hard), Russ is a Braves fan (die hard), Dietz is a Notre Dame Fan, and Russ is a Raider fan. Cruz is NONE of those things and I just like creating havoc (hence being an Astros fan).


We still going tomorrow? Or waiting for next week?

Dietz: I was really looking forward to an Urban Meyer roasting session.... Lol

Cruz: I can't make tomorrow, but I'd be able to edit and post the show.

Russ: We can roast Urban next week.

Scottie: Cruz...any chance you can make next tue or Thu? Dietz: They're likely to be 0-5 then anyway lol Cruz: As far as I know. Both days are open right now. Scottie: Then let's push. I want to take a chance to have everyone Russ:

"thumbs up" Scottie: Ok. Going to do Thursday...both days have a chance to be a braves brewers game, but that would be game 5 Cruz: Thanks y'all. Sorry for work being such a bear right now.

Scottie: All good. Let's give it a shot

Dietz: I'm in. Unless it's Game 5. Russ: Hopefully, the Braves will have it wrapped up before then. Dietz: We're claiming this series for Hank.

Russ: We are claiming this for Mr. Aaron. Dietz: Copycats. Nothing brave about that Russ:

He was a Brave before he was a Brewer. Copycat. Dietz: Everything good about the Braves franchise happened in Milwaukee. Russ: Really? When did Milwaukee have Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz? Russ: All the Brewers have ever contributed to baseball is Bud Selig and a tie All-Star Game. Dietz: Braves never had a losing season in Milwaukee. Atlanta comes along? Boom. Perpetual losing. Cruz: SAVE IT FOR THE SHOW Dietz: Also, the Brewers gave us the Baltimore Orioles. No Brewers? No ridiculous Chris Davis contract. Russ: Perpetual losing? The Atlanta Braves have won 21 division titles. The most in MLB history. That includes the first NL West title in 1969. Four years after leaving north Chicago. Braves have won the East four years in a row. Which, by the way, equals the Brewers’ total number of division titles. Dietz: In the 16 seasons after they left Milwaukee the Braves won only one division title and averaged a 4.75th place finish. Perpetual. Losing. Scottie (coming in nice and late): Original message: Really? When did Milwaukee have Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz? they had mike a coach Cruz: Dynamite drop in, Scotty. Scottie: and technically, they pitched in Milwaukee a few times. Is that what you mean? Russ: ...And still better than the Brewers. Scottie: also...Notre Dame lost Dietz: How many AL pennants do the Braves have? Zero. Scottie: the astros have a pennant in both leagues Dietz: Notre Dame sucks right now. Serves them right for using a Badger at QB... Scottie: and the Raiders lost Scottie: how else can I stoke this? Scottie: no issues with Cruz...Nascar made history this weekend (kinda) Cruz: There's the asterisk. Russ: Only teams no one cares about have played in both leagues. Scottie: everyone cares about the astros, we are the most hated team in the country I think Russ: No one cared about them when they were moved. That’s why they were moved. Scottie: They were traded for...the brewers...FULL CIRCLE!!! Russ: Talk about a lose-lose. Where’s Cruz’s trade grade on that? Dietz: They filed a case with the supreme court.... The ******* owners were (not from Milwaukee) ********* and just wanted the money Cruz: Well, you can give it a grade NOW. Russ: See, this. This should be the show. Cruz: Besides. I don't know what you're talking about. The Astros are in the NL Central.

Cruz: I DO NOT RECOGNIZE THEIR SOVEREIGNTY. (See, I listened to the show.)

There you have it folks. Pure gold, straight from group messenger. See you all soon...apparently, pending Game 5 status of the Braves/Brewers ALDS series.

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